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"Written on the Body" - Jeanette Winterson

"Written on the Body" is one of the most famous novels of English writer Jeanette Winterson.
"Why is the measure of love loss?". This is the opening phrase of the novel, that is a stress on the need for each of us to realize how much we love a person only when a story ends.
"Written on the Body" is a love novel, perverse and sensual at the same time, which, from a stylistic point of view, jumps from prose to pure poetry.
The novel tells about love in all its forms, of the unique and painful journey that each one of us travels in his life when he loves someone else.
The author is sadistic with the reader, introduces him to an enigmatic path in which he describes perfectly all the characters, framing them well in their sexual genres, with the protagonist, instead, playing blanket cards: the author does not let you know if the protagonist either a man or a woman (as if wanting to elevate to a more universal sense of love), you cannot really perceive whether the protagonist is a man or a woman and whether it is bisexual or not, everything is really wrapped in a mysterious game of clues indicating but not revealing, revealing and then denying any reference.
This game makes the novel really special, on the front pages it looks like the story of a scammer who then gets embarrassed with the love he suffered in his life, but that is not the case: this work is a scream for love, passion, feeling, to the sacrifice that may overwhelm each of us, human beings, eager to donate or receive, to or from the person with whom to divide the sky in which the love story is represented by a constellation to two glittering stars.
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