Video appunto: Dickens, Charles - On the road to London
Charles Dicken: On the road to London (summary)

Knowing nowhere to go, Oliver walked for miles and was very tired. He sat on a milestone to rest and it was remaining 70 miles to go. He thought he could never reach London but his strength was restored and he took up walking again. He ate just a piece of bread with some water.
Durino the evening time, he made a small place near the road in which he slept. The next morning he was cold and hungry so he bought bread in exchange of a penny and he walked 12 miles. He was getting weaker as time passed but fortunately a man some bread and cheese. An old lady gave him some food and kind words. Oliver was exhausted on the seventh day, he was a little near London. When he got to London (in a market place) a strange boy looked at him and asked if all was right. This questioner had big ears and little eyes, he was short and plumb and of the same age as Oliver’s, he asked him to come over and together they got to an inn where Oliver was told to stay with Dodger (Jack Dawkins) and the street where they passed was small, dirty, with old houses. The round was wet, ugly with awful smell but they stopped in front of an old house and climbed the stairs, they entered a dark, dirty room where there were other young boys. Fagin was in the mist of them ( he was an old man with red hair and beard) it was easy to recognise him. He wore dirty clothes Oliver saw lots of handkerchieves hanged in a small part of the room, but they told and convinced him that they washed them and therefor gave him some sausages to eat inorder to keep fit. When he woke the next morning, Fagin prepared a cup of tea for himself, he returned and looked at Oliver to ensure he was fast asleep but little Oliver pretended by not moving his eyes. So Fagin opened a small box that container lots of jewels and beautiful watches. Oliver saw them when he got up but Fagin got angry, quickly locked up the box and he explained how miserabile he was and told Oliver they were his only treasure (inheritance).
Oliver thought of how an old dirty man could have such amount of jewels and still continue living in a dirty and stinky place. Moreover, he had brekfast with the rest boys that same day and when Fagin asked the boys if they’ve worked that morning using a secret language, they said ‘yes’ in a way that Oliver may not understand rapidly.