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William Wordsworth

Wordsworth tried to theorise the poetry while he was elaborating the Lyrical Ballads with Coleridge. They decided that the first one would have talked about beauty of nature and about ordinary things, letting them become interesting for the reader, and the second one would have talked about abstract themes, supernatural and mistery. Wordsworth established the subject (humble people and countrymen) and the language (simple language) of the poetry.
According to Wordsworth, memory is a primary force in the process of growth of the poet’s mind and of his moral character; and it’s memory that lets Wordsworth give strength and life to poetry.
Through the creative power of memory, emotion is reproduced and purified in a poetic form.
The poet’s aim is giving attention to life’s ordinary things, to the humblest people, where we can find the deepest emotions and truths. Wordsworth used the blank verse, but he was able to explore various poetic forms like sonnets, ballads, and poems with short verses and simple rhymes.

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