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William Golding (1911-1993)

William Golding studied English Literature at Oxford University and then he became an English teacher. He experienced the Second World War and the effects were enormous and created his pessimistic view of human nature. “Lord of the Flies”(1954) is his masterpiece and talks about a plane crash on a desert island. Some schoolboys survive and they establish a government under the leadership of Ralph, but this project immediately fails because the boys go back to a savage existence and Jack has the leadership. They kill a sow, cut its head off, transform it into a god called the “lord of the Flies” and use its blood to paint their faces. They even kill Simon and Piggy, and the group is also ready to kill Ralph, but some officers save him and the story ends with Ralph crying.About the style, Golding chooses a third person narration, the language blends abstract and concrete but in particular there are violent and bad expressions and a military language. Finally, the book generally follows Ralph’s point of view, but it sometimes changes the point of view for a time, because the author wants to show us man’s evil nature, too.

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