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Lord of the Flies Chapter 1 the sound of the shell - a result of a plane crash during a storm, a group of boys are on an island. Ralph, a twelve year old blond and athletic meets in the jungle Piggy, a roly-poly boy and asthmatic. Hearing the sound of the waves make their way to the sea, where they expect a beautiful landscape: a marble platform on which there are several logs, which starts from the lagoon and form a high pier into the forest, and a deep pool with hot water probably created by a typhoon. After taking a bath the boys find a beautiful seashell, Ralph plays to call any missing.

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The gimmick works and get a bunch of kids and finally a group of guys in uniform, the boys of the choir with their teacher, Jack. After introducing themselves decide they must elect a leader choosing Ralph and the boys of the choir will be hunters, led by Jack. Then Ralph, Jack and Simon go exploring the island, and during which found a mountain and see that there are many animals, including pigs which you can feed.

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Chapter 2 fire on the mountain - After shipping Ralph calls a meeting to let others know about what they have discovered, and decide since there are no adults to make the laws and those who want to speak should have the shell, but more importantly will to the fire to make smoke to be seen first by ships and be saved. Later they climb all the mountains and decided to make a fire there, and that this should be guarded day and night and well fed.

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