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Dorian Gray

Techniques in Dorian Gray: Dorian is the figure of the Renaissance strength of which he also wrote in his history where Marlowe's character decided to sell his soul for an infinite life and knowledge, signing a contract with the devil. For this the picture of Dorian Gray can be seen in this figure. The setting appears full of life, vivedly, and is described by the words of the characters who try to explain or what they say about themselves and the words of others about them. Everything is written vividly. The story is allegorical because in fact, the painter, the portrait became the symbol of the devil which are reflected all the signs and the sins of Dorian becoming ugly, wrinkled, horrible but instead Dorian was young, beautiful and timeless. The origins of Dorian are searchable in Faust, which was the first to make this double that with the blood he signed a deal with the devil.
Oscar Wilde place on the Renaissance correspondence between good and evil. Good things are synonymous with good people and the same for the negative things, but Wild went away from these theories because they used a magical element: the portrait. It was a change that was made. The portrait was on the side of evil personality of Dorian. His double who tries to forget the portrait closing it in a room and covered with a sheet. In the work they are described in a very tense moments in which he climbs the stairs to go upstairs and opening the room where he hopes to find a different picture, with no more signs, because every time he makes a negative action, it appears immediately on the face of the portrait thus becoming uglier, then was afraid by it. In the end, since the whole thing was a circular story, to get out of this cycle was necessary to kill the portrait. And he stabbed it and in that instant the portrait again becomes beautiful, and all the signs reflected in it, moved and went on Dorian who became ugly. Although it is not clear to find a moral in the novel, the message he wants us to grasp is that there is always a price to pay for a life in pleasure. The horrible corrupting picture is seen as a symbol of immortality and catch the conscience of the Victorian middle class, while Dorian is pure and innocent (apparently) the bourgeoisie is rather hypocritical. At the end of the frame refreshed its original beauty, showing wiles art: art survives people, art is eternal and in this case there is a link with children.

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