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Oscar Wilde

He was an interpreter of the aesthetic movement in England. He was a dandy who was trying to escape from the moral code of the bourgeoisie which focused in three words: money, respectability and hard work. He was born in Dublin, in the first years, he distinguished himself from the other students for his spirit (wyt) intelligence and culture.
After Dublin he went to London and began his experience as a Dandy because he became the leader of the aesthetic movement. Running away from vulgarity and monotony and therefore isolates itself from the rest of the other artists. He traveled a lot, he married a woman having children. It was very important for him this time where he wrote Tails or small children's stories such as "Happy Prince" and "Conteruille ghost". After this initial period, he was asked to write a mix between a ghost and a detective crime story from an American publisher that wanted to buy both the works of Doyle and Wild. The work was very successful because he wrote about the double of the bourgeoisie. The last period of his life was spent in prison because he had an relationship with a homosexual man named Duglass. The father of Duglass decided to accuse him of this homosexuality and then was sent to prison where he lost everything, freedom, friends, money, etc .. In this period of imprisonment he wrote important works such as "The Profundis", "the ballad of the reading goal" which can be defined as a moral work, because the main ideas were around his last thoughts and experiences, all was as the sum of his experiences. "It was a price to pay for a lifetime of pleasure." After all, he went to Paris where he was hosted by friends who gave him everything.
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