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Composed upon Westminister Bridge and London comparison

In both of these compositions the author described the city of London.
"Composed upon Westminister Bridge" is a sonnet written by William Wordsworth in which he described London in a positive way.
It was very unusual during the Romantic age because poets thought only nature could offer consolation.
The poet wrote even London could be beautiful, it happened early in the morning when there wasn't the presence of man the city seemed to be asleep.
In fact all the factories were closed, there wasn't pollution and the river could flow freely, because there weren't boots that changed the movement of the waves.
So the atmosphere is beautiful and peaceful.

At the other hand Blake, in his composition "London", described all the negative aspects of the city.
The speaker wanders through the streets of London and reports his observations such as the misery of poor people.

He used three examples:
1.The chimney-sweeper to criticize the exploitation of children.
2.Soldiers to describe the suffering caused by the Revolution.
3.Prostitutes who ruined the Marriage hearse.
Blake says also that men wanted to control everything but they forged manacles for their minds.
So the atmosphere of the poem is disillusioned.

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