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"Christine" - Elizabeth von Arnim

"Christine" is an epistolary novel written by the British writer Elizabeth von Arnim and it was published in 1917. The novel is autobiographical (in fact, the writer had a daughter who died in Germany during the war).
The epistolary novel tracks the vicissitudes of his youngest, talented violinist daughter, who is in Germany to study violin with a well-known master on the eve of World War II.
Through the girl's letters, the reader faces the climate that reigned in Germany on the eve of the war and had an overview of prejudices, vices of thought, ideological stumbling that allowed Hitler to go to power and to stay.
In addition, the letters also offer a glimpse into the intellectual environment of time, characterized by the inability of people (both ordinary people and other social classes) to think independently: in fact, the general social mentality is full of prejudices, mania of Great, thirsty for wars, glory and power, full of griefs to neighboring countries, eager to sacrifice their children to their homeland until the circle is tightened.
Social description is ruthless: the author denounces the ideological deformities and hypocrisy of society.
When the situation falls, many turn their backs on Christine, including the music teacher and the boyfriend's family, until she finds herself alone, one step away from freedom.
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