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Victorian writers

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle started writting his stories about Sherlock Holmes in the late nineteenth century, during Victorian times. A lot of Britain’s greatest writers wrote at this time and this inspired him.
During the nineteenth century educational possibilities were slowly getting better, and more and more people were learning to read and write. Without the radio, cinema or television, reading was the favorite type of entertainment. People loved reading novels, newspapers, magazines, academic books and even comics.

In the 1850s the government starter building public libraries in towns and cities all over Great Britain. Books were too expensive to buy for most people, but in these new libraries more people had the possibility to read a lot of different books.
The Daily Telegraph, starter in 1855, became the first penny paper. The paper was a big success, and quickly became the best-selling newspaper. Because of this, more and more people could read the newspaper every day.

The first children’s comics with funny cartoons and adventures also came out in the 1850s and children had great fun reading them.
In Victorian times novels were sometimes published in chapters in magazines and newspapers. Every week or month people could read a new chapter of a story. This continued for months, and sometimes years, untile the story was finished.
As a result of all these changes some authors became very popular. Here are some of them.

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