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Victorian Empire: queen Victoria reigned between 1837 and 1901. It’s a period of economically and territoriality expansion. Britain became the most important nation in the world. It’s a time of technological innovation for example was invented the steam machine, which revolutionized industry and transport and was invented the telephone. This period is characterize by optimism but the real situation was different because the poor people live in terrible conduction. For this reason people moved from countries to cities. The children have to work in the workhouses and all this situation caused epidemics, for example cholera. British empire expanded anthill Asia, Africa, Oceania and America. India was the most important British colony. In the 1877 queen Victoria became empress of India. The trade with India was important to the British economy and it included tea, spaces, silk and cotton. The Victorian society was not progressive. It’s ideals were church, family and home. The education was improved but the poor children couldn’t go to school. In this period Darwin wrote the “origin of spaces”. This book created a crisis in the Victorian values and contrast with the Church.

Dickens: was born in 1812 in Portsmouth. His father was imprisoned for debt and Dickens had to leave school, for him that was a traumatic experience which marked him for life and influence his work. He was a journalist. Hard Times: Coketown is the sitting of this story, it’s an industrial town inspired by Preston. Is the story of Thomas Gradgrind and his family. He is a rich retired merchant who puts his life in rationality and practically. He forced his daughter, Louisa, to marry an old businessman and banker. But arrive in Coketown James Harthouse. He is a young sophisticate from London who arrives in Coketown to begin a political carrer. He takes an interest in Louisa and decide to seduce her. He asks her to run away with him. Louisa returns to her father to tells him how she feels. This event change the Gradgrind’s life and he devotes his political power to helping poor people. Dickens' idea: he describe the teacher in a funny way for critiqued the Victorian society. The teacher sees the children how little pitchers and he hate the creativity and the imagination. In the Coketown all things are fact, for example school is all fact, the relations between master and man are all fact.

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