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Victorian Age – Historical context

Victorian Age
The name comes from Queen Victoria (an Hannover), the second big queen after queen Elizabeth. Her reign was very very long: to 1837 to 1901.
During her reign Britain was the most powerful country in the world.
She married Prince Albert, they had nine children: she wanted to give the example of the importance of the family.

Home policy
This age is characterized by a super power due to the second industrial revolution and the economic boom:
- Heavy engineering;
- Machine tools productions;
- Whole and cotton industry.

This economy was characterized by (lasseiz-fair), (free-trade).
- The state couldn’t interfere with individual relationships.
- No limit to the exportation and no taxes to the importations

The empire
The empire was considered the workshop of the world.
The colonies were an empire that came from Canada to Australia, from Egypt to South Africa, from West India to India (India was considered the jewel of the empire).

The white Man’s burden
Man who were officials, that had studied in the most important school, were sent to colonies in order to rule – as a sort of civilization. Supporting the idea of Darwinism (the survival of the fittest), a writer wrote ‘The White Man’s burden speaking of the colonization.

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