Video appunto: The Truman Show composition

English Composition – My favorite film: “The Truman Show”

I love watching films: it is one of my favorite hobbies! In particular, I like the dramatic genre because it usually profoundly touches me.
One of my favorite films is “The Truman” show by Peter Weir. The main actor is Jim Carrey whose interpretation is wonderful.

“The Truman show” is the story of Truman, a men who was born in a reality show of which he is the protagonist. His life as well is the focus of this show but he does not know anything. He thinks that his world and his life are real but everything is only a fictional construction.
Truman will discover this terrible truth and he decides to rebel and to discover his true life, winning his fears.
I think that this is one of the most beautiful films because of the importance of its theme: the contradiction between reality and fiction. Is our world a real one?
Truman is the epitome of curiosity: he wants to discover his true life although this decision means changes and disintegration of certainties.
In fact, protagonist’s name is “Truman”: true-man.
In my opinion, this film can also considered as a criticism against our society: many times we prefer a sweet lie in order to cover a terrible truth. We should be as Truman: we have to be ready to refute everything for searching our true essence.