The modern novel

The novelist rejected omniscient narration and experimented new method to represent the individual consciousness;
The novelist focus in a new true of reality, the reality of the mind.
The stream of consciousness comes from the interior monologue, because it represents the real language of our mind.
The Epiphany: it is a sudden revelation, thanks an apparent meaningless (casual) event that gives the solution to a problem.

The idea of time : Bergson -> historical time (external, linear) and psychological time (internal, subjective); it is called duration and depends to mind, it can be expanded or contracted depending how is important what we are thinking.
Virginia Wolf was one of the most important modernist novelist

She gave voice to the complex inner world of feelings and memory.
-> Human personality as a continuous shift of impressions and emotions.
Clarissa Dalloway is the protagonist of her best novel Mrs Dalloway, in which Virginia shown the stream of consciousness technique : the walks to London and the chimes of Big Ben are incentives to get into the mind of Clarissa and follow the free flow of her mind.
Through the characters in the novel Virginia shows life as a continuous changing from moment to moment. This is emphasized by the use of flashbacks.
Characters belong to the upper-middle class whose place is simply decorative.
Clarissa reflect on how necessary it is for her that Septimus dies because as he embrace death, she can embrace life. She choose to accept herself and her life.
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