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Virgina Woolf

She is one of the great novelist of the 20th century, She reacted against the main convention of the Victorian Age and experimented a new technique of the stream of consciousness and the interior monologue.
Most of the actions takes place within the mind of the protagonist Mrs Ramsay and feelings are stimulated by unimportant things of external reality that produce random a flow of free association. The writer intervenes with few remarks to help the reader understand the change in thoughts direction.

This passage is taken from a part of the novel "To the lighthouse". Mrs Ramsay, with her family, are in the summer house on the Hebrides, They spend summer holidays here every years. Mrs Ramsay is reassuring her son James about the weather and She is knitting a sock for the son of the owner of the lighthouse. She tries to measure on his son’s legs, while She is doing this her attention is attracted by some elements of external reality that caused a series of random associations of ideas.
She looks the chairs, her husband, Lily Briscoe, the books, the wall paper, the window, the Swiss waitress and starts a series of random association. Towards the end of the chapter the point of view moves to a different angle: people’s thought about the beauty of Mrs Ramsay.

It is the verbal expression of a psychological phenomena that takes place inside the character’s mind. In this way the novelist abandoned the omniscient point of view of the 18th and19th novel and changed the point of view from the external world to the interior and subjective world.
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