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In this poem the Eagle appears as the “King of the Nature”, because he is represented in an impressive way. The Eagle seems to dominate all the natural elements, as and he lives in an uncontaminated place, where there is no trace of human being’s presence. You can see 2 different settings first the sky, then the sea.


The poem shows the pictures of dictators. The hawk in the poem is arrogant and so it becomes a parody of human power. At the end of the poem, the main character understands that he isn’t so powerful because the world, the Nature, God are more powerful than him.


It is a dialogue between a prostitute and a country girl. The country girl notices that Melia’s appearance has changed dramatically since she has last seen her. She thinks that Melia has improved in all; she looks better, she speaks better and she makes her a lot of compliments. But the country girl represents the ignorance because to be ruined isn’t a good thing, it isn’t a good expectation.
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