Video appunto: Stevenson, Robert Louis - Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevensoon waas born in Edinburgh in 1850. He studied engineering and then law at Edinburgh University.

Both law and engineering were his family's choice; he always preferred literature and in 1875 he decided to be a professional writer.

His first adventure-novel, Treasure Island, it's a pirate story and brought him immediate fame.

This fame increased when he published The Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr Hyde in 1886, a short novel of mystery and horror.
The interest for the ethical problems raised by the progress made by science in the Victorian Age is visible in the novel.

Stevenson in 1888 chartered a yatch and sailed for the South Pacific. He went to Hawaii, Tahiti, Australia and Polynesia and then he settled in Samoa.
He tried to understand the Pacific and for the people he became a legends and they called him Tusitala that means Story teller.
He died for an haemorrhage in 1894.

The strange case of Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde

Stevenson's most famous book came out in January 1886 and was a success from the start.

The story of Dr Jekyll and his evil double Mr Hyde talks about double personality.
This nove both shocked and pleased contemporary readers. The fact that a respectable man like Jekyll have a double life, strinkes at the core of the Victorian compromise and at the duplicity of the age's moral standards.

The reasons for the novel's appeal are to be found in the dramatic conflict that the novel present : man embodies good and evil; these two sides may be separated and left to fight each other.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde shows a new awareness of the human mind, made up of different contrasting and incoherent pieces. Stevenson express this through the conflict between good and evil, his sensibility heralds the oncoming age of psychoanalysis.