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The plot

it is a multy-narrational-structure in fact there was 4 different narrators, the first one was Utterson, Enfield, then Lanyon and Mr. Jekyll (himself). Utterson had the role of the detective and his/her character it was a lot next to Dr Jekyll. Its role is very similar to Sherlock Holmen of Doyle. Even if the history begins from a violent case or a homicide the history is not a yellow or a detective, because the purpose of the author is not to find the guilty and to establish the order of the things.

The supernatural elements: the landscape is London of the 19 century. The history is of Hutterson friend of Jekyll. During the history Hutterson of it comes upon in a door of which a monster that stamps on a child goes out and seeing this scene Hutterson forces him to give some money to the family of the child that was terrorized by the event. The man paid not with the money but with a allowance that was signed by Jekyll, this episode gave the opportunity to investigate on the fact because it was very strange. When they tried to understand if the allowance was good or no they saw that it was in order
After some months where Hutterson and Enfield were worried for Dr. Jekyll who didn't participate in the social life but him was confined alone in the house for a lot of time, they decided to investigate and Lanyon helped them, it directed him in the laboratory of Jekyll and later they discovered that was dead. It died therefore in a mysterious way. After a few times also Dr. Jekyll was found dead in the laboratory. The transformation that happened with the assumption of the drug was taking the upper hand in him so much that Jekyll starts to also change without the assumption of this drug going to commit crimes and homicides, so with the purpose to put an end to such situation it decides to suppress the monster, and to kill had to kill him himself. It was the same case of Oscar Wild where him decided to destroy the image losing his existence.
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