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"Satan in Goray"

"Satan in Goray" is a novel written by the American author Isaac Bashevis Singer. The novel was published in 1955.
"Satan in Goray" is the author's debut novel; it was written in Yiddish and initially published in episodes on "Globus", a literary magazine in Warsaw, in 1935.
Goray, a small Polish community, recovered from the attacks of the Cossacks who exterminated and dispersed the Jewish population in 1648, is now a peaceful community led by a rabbi who at times is almost bored even if he struggles to channel the bad moods of his family members into perennial discord.
Progressively the community is invested by extraordinary rumors: next is the coming of the Messiah and with it the end of the long slavery of the Jewish people, the day of liberation is approaching. And the year 1666 arrives and in full adherence to the cabalistic calculations Shabbatay Tsevi reveals himself as the long awaited Messiah, he asks total devotion to evil in exchange for the end of the exile and the much desired Earth of Israel. All are devotees ... In this historical frame fits the story of Rechele fictional which tells the brief and sad misfortune that accompanies the sad collapse of events.
The pages follow one another in an alternation of falls and ascents, of damnings and resurrections, of great scourges and temporary bleachings, condemnations and repentances, and with them the reader's attention wobbles too, between dark tones and incredible events. aware however of having in his hands the pages of a great storyteller, albeit debut.
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