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The Bronte sisters and the novel

Anne, Emily and Charlotte Bronte were educated at home, by their father who had a very big influence on them. They used pseudonyms, like many other female writers. Each one of them published a novel in 1847: Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Agnes Grey. Only Jane Eyre was sccessful, so Charlotte wrote two other novels, while her sister died.
She died in 1855.

Wuthering Heights
The novel talks about the opposition between two families, and about the difficult love of two socially different people: Heathcliff and Catherine.
One of the most important themes of the novel is death, seen as a liberation of the spirit.
The novel is based upon contrast between the families: Wuthering Heights reflects the nature of Heathcliff, heavily influenced by the local traditions; Thrushcross Grange reflects Catherine’s character, full of respect and stability. Though opposed, they are complementary.
Wuthering Heights’s narrative technique is very complex: it has two narrators, the first one is an outsider, and the other one is involved in the story. The narration isn’t in chronological time, in fact it starts from the end of the story, and there are a lot of flashbacks.
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