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OZYMANDIAS By Percy Shelley
This poem was written by P.B. Shelley. The main character of this poem is the Pharaoh Ramses II and it is about the inevitable decline of all the leaders and their empires, even if they are very powerful. I really like this poem because the author made a very careful choice of language which makes this poem very impressive. Moreover, it can be connected to David Roberts’ work “The Colossus of Rameses II in the Ramesseum” because it represents the ruins which inspired Shelley’s sonnet.
ENGLAND IN 1819 By Percy Shelley
This poem was written by P.B. Shelley in 1819. It is a political sonnet where the author strongly attacks England criticizing King George III and the English nobility. The country he describes is characterized by hungry and hopeless people, an immoral religion, an incompetent Senate and an Army which destroys liberty. However, in the last two lines Shelley expresses his hope that something may change this bad situation. I really like this poem because of the passion that the author used to attack England. His words are very effective and I think this poem is a real masterpiece.
This poem was written by P.B. Shelley in 1819 and it describes the effect of wind on nature. In this poem the author hopes that humans can regenerate like the nature under the influence of nature. I love this poem because the words used by P.B. Shelley are very vivid and effective. This is a real masterpiece.
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