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Walter Scott was born in Edinburgh in 1771. He’s considered the inventor of the modern historical fiction and he was model for a lot of writers.
During his youth, Sir Scott alternated the study of jurisprudence with the study of literature.
His writer career was affected by a new literary current: the Romanticism.
His first works were tradition of some German ballads, but his most famous historical fiction is Ivanhoe.
Ivanhoe is the name of the main character of the story, that is a Saxon knight at the service of Richard the Lionheart. Together they fight to melt Saxons and Normans.
Between These battles it’s told the amorous doubts of the protagonist who is divided between the noble Rowen and the damsel who cured him from the wounds of the battle Rebecca

The importance of Ivanhoe is that he was a new literally genre that is going to inspire a large number of writers, like our Italian Manzoni.
Like all historical fiction, Ivanhoe is set in a specific epoch of the past and in a specific place.
Not all character were really existed.
So the goal of a writer that want to write an historical fiction is create a story that is not true but he have to be careful to don’t revolutionize too much the historical facts that are really happened (like wars, kings, social conditions…)
Scott’s works had a lot of successful and they are study now days.
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