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Themes of early Romantic period

In this period, literature was influenced by English society (social changes conditioned the age) and there were some differences between Neo Classicism and Early Romantic period: in the Neo Classicism period satire was used very much to criticised the aristocratic part of society and it was completely out of literary production, while in the Early Romantic period satire was substituted by sentimentalism. Furthermore in Early Romantic period was used symbolism (that wasn’t used in Neo classicism period) especially in poetry.
All the production of this period is based on intimate feelings, and the poet describe his personal feelings. There is a melancholic tone so Early Romantic period is considered the age of sensibility.
There is also a new interest in nature and a new interest in what they called bygone times and for the first time there was a new interest for the middle age.

Rebel and outcast represented Pre-Romantic heroes; the rebel rebels to the rules of the society (that was considered as an evil force) and he became an outcast, while the outcast is an intellectual person who lives isolated.
These two different stereotypes are characteristic of Romantic period.
Also in this period there were two trend in poetry: the first trend used a melancholic tone and the most important movement of this type of poetry was called graveyard poetry, and his main English exponent was Thomas Gray.
The second trend of poetry referred to bygone times (description of national past, epic heroes, legendary heroes, warrior) and the most important movement was ossianic poetry.

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