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The romantic age

The most important events which influenced the romantic age were: the industrial revolution that reorganize social and political background of Britain, and France revolution which brought new ideas of freedom and equality all over Europe.
The romantic age was characterized by a new sensibility a reaction against the faith of reason and stated the supremacy of feelings and emotions. These feelings had elements of introspection , nostalgia , emotionalism and individualism.
The romantic age showed a growing interest in : everyday life ,in the country as opposed to the industrial town and rediscovery of the middle age. But the firth aspect of romantic age is a relationship between man and nature.
Nature was felt as real and living creature not as an abstract and philosophical concept. Natural life was confronted against the artificial industrial society.
In the romantic age great importance was given to imagination and childhood : the child was considered were innocent and purer then an adult because he was inspoilt. The movement emphasized the importance of the individualism they exalted, the outcast the rebel, the atypical in confleet with the society seen as an evil force.
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