Roaring Twenties

Refers to the 1920s in the United States and Europe and it was a period of prosperity after the First Word War. It was called “ Roaring Twenties” for the young governation that want only have fun, moved by the desire to break with the past. They wanted to do something new: an example was the spread of Jazz music that reported a form of primitivism, that was before Puritanism.

America (1920-29, until the great depression when Wall Street decaded):
- There was prohibition of alcohol; for this there was a spread of secret locals where people went to drink. There were formed the gangs, criminal organizations keep their illegal operations secret,
The protagonist of Great Gatsby may have been a gangster; he represents this period, with parties, alcohol and fun
- There was a spread of parties at home where people went to refuse forms of morality and live with a sense of irresponsibility; they only had fun and money were easy to get.

- Women wanted to appear, be more attractive; they wore short skirts called “flappers”.
- The Urban society had a development characterized by a grown of the cities, the edification of modern buildings and new opportunities.
- In the lands there were a concentration of money of big corporation. Stock market gave possibility to be rich to many people.

Fitzgerald lived in this way, most of thing he wrote represented his autobiographical experience; he wrote the Great Gatsby.

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