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Queen Victoria's Reign

Victorians were great moralizer, they had a code of values based on:

    hard work

During Victorian age there was the idea that all these rules were respected in front of all people, but it wasn’t.

    Britain wealth was based on profit -> Utilitarian Society
    During this age Britain became the workshop of the world
    Society based on trades and was the best entroponarse of the world
    It was one of the most prophecies age

Queen Victoria I was called the empress of India

    1837 she became queen at the age of 18 year old
    1901 she died

Her long reign is not the longest now.

She was an obstinate queen, this was useful to stay at the head of a great empire
Queen Victoria let the reign become a powerful country all over the world.

Victoria was not considered fixed to rule by the population and by the parliament

    She was a young woman
    she had to fight to obtain her position
    Her figure, at the start, was just representative, but she didn’t want so
    she hadn’t any power
    the ministers ruled the country (especially Melbourne and Peel)
    everyone wanted to manipulate her
    At the beginning: She could never rule but she could just reign, she was a queen without power

The role of women during the Victorian Age was poor, they were not allowed to vote, or to work, they were houseworkers or teachers, they could just marry and take care of the house and children.

Undergo changes

    The ministers decided she had to get married -> with prince Albert Sax-Coburg (1840)
    He was her first cousin
    He had german origins (he had to learn english)
    He was a great man who supported her, and helped her
    They had 9 children

The prince consort, dynamic and very ambitious (as her wife was) -> he managed the Great Exhibition of 1851-> Royal Albert Hall (Christal Palace)

She presented herself to the parliament: she was intimidated but, not the less she was too young, she spoke in front of the parliament with a clear voice; she was very determinate.

She lived all over her life in her castle (projected by Albert), she never moved from there.
While people moved to cities to find job, the queen moved away from Backingham Palace, to the countryside. At first for her holiday in 1835.

Queen Victoria ruled in a country where the sun never set, but she never moved.

She reinvented the monarchy and the role of the queen
-> Her predecessor, addicted to alcohol and prostitutecy had lots of troubles with the country and people were not trusting any more in their monarch.
What was important was to understand troubles of people: overworking, child exploitation, malnutrition, famine.
BUT The demand of the subject was to have an ordinary queen, not a God-like king

She invented the role of the royal family.
She let the society enter in her life.
They were depicted as an ordinary family -> they wanted to be a model (but no one could live like them).
But this precious life was in contrast with the squalor of the streets life, which is presented in Dickens’ works.