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The love of J. Alfred Prufrock

The first collection of this period (19th century), the Prufrock and Other Observation (1917), consists of 12 compositions written between 1910 and 1916. The best-known in it is The Love song of J. Alfred Prufrock, written in 1910-11, when Eliot was still studying at Harvard. In 1914 it was shown to Ezra Pound, who was enthusiastic about it had it printed in 1915. Since then, it has been one of the most frequently anthologized and published of Eliot's poems.

There is not actually a plot in the poem but rather a situation . On a soft October evening Prufrock is going to a tea-party where he has decided to declare his love to a lady. But he is too timid to propose and his visit leads to nothing..

The main essential themes of while the whole poem focuses are the uselessness of one's actions, the frustration and weakening of one's personality, the lack of resolution, the airiness of gestures repeated by inertia, without an aim, without a future, and the consequent final inaction.

The poem is a dramatic monologue more or less like Browning's but without a real structure. It is, in fact, quite fragmentary the language, although apparently relaxed, superficial and somewhat repetitive, it is obscure even if occasionally casual and ironic. The couplets. The length of the lines varies; there is frequent use of the enjambment, which gives the poem a particular colloquial tone.

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