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Police and detective in the 19th century

In the early part of the the nineteenth century there was a lot of crime in London. The city was crowded and criminale could hide easily. It was often not safe to walk down the dark streets.

In 1829 Sir Robert (Bobby) Peel (1788-1850) started the London Meropolitan Police at Scotland Yard. It was the world’s first modern police and were known force with around 1,000 men. The police wore uniforms and were known as ‘peelers’ or ‘bobbies’, both because of Robert Pell’s name, the work of the police was to stop crime in the city streets.

At first the people of London did not like the police, but when there was less crime in the city, they starter to understand that the police were important. After 1856 there were police forces all over the New York City Police in 1850 and for other police forces around the world.

Today the dirty Policeman is the one who covers-up some peoples bad things just because they get paid fully (for their job well done of course), Many people are aware that policemen,today, help prevent violent, hideous and crazy acts but sometimes these are comitted also by our so called policemen who we are supposed to trust.

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