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The picture of dorian gray: breve riassunto

The picture of dorian gray is one the most important novel write by oscar wilde in the london of 19th century.basil haward,a painter,paints a portrait of a man .
the man in the portrait was youg and very beautiful.
lord henry ,a friends of basil haward,told that the portrait was saw to him .after the saw to portrait ,lord henry asked to his friend to meet with this beautiful and young boy.at the end basil haward introduce dorian to his friend.lord henry say to the man that don't wast the beautiful talent and he advises him to start a new life,full of experiences.after these worlds,dorian express a wish it that he told to the portrait of to become old his place.at the end the wish becames true!with the pass of time ,the portrait has an expression more than more malignant.dorian married sybil vane a famouse actress that at the end she commit suicide.dorian,sometimes,go to the attic for to see th portrait.one day he see the portrait and scared of it,lacerate the portrait with a dagger,killing himself.

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