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"Animal farm" is a novel written by George Orwell.
The novel is written in the form of a satirical-allegorical fable, on the model of Aesop
Orwell denounces a loss of the real sense of values ​​at the base of the cultural identity of the Western world, that is critical thinking and freedom: "If freedom means something, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear."
The novel is set on a farm. One day the animals decide to rebel against the dominion of humans, embodied in the drunken and distracted factor Jones: chased him, so they establish a regime called Animalism, in which everyone works for the community, producing according to his abilities and receiving according to his needs. . However, soon the pigs, led by Napoleon, who took the place of the Old Major, inspirer of the revolution, concentrate the power in their hands: Napoleon becomes increasingly an authoritarian and cunning despot, endowed with the support of dogs, represses every resistance (like that of the hens), expels the idealist Palladineve accusing him of sabotage and blaming him for any subsequent damage. Napoleon promotes in words a situation of equality, but in fact the other animals live in a state of poverty and indigence which they are unable to rebel against by enslavement, blindness, fear, resignation or inability to think. Despite the suspicions about the timely change of laws, pigs somehow always persuade their subjects to obey in the name of the common good, between hymns and sentences. Pigs live in idleness and wealth while animals are struggling daily in misery. The betrayal becomes most evident in the finale, when it turns out that the pigs have learned to walk on two legs and even the initial motto of the revolution, "Four good legs, two bad legs", is opportunistically modified in "Four good legs, two legs better ": now nothing distinguishes the pigs from men, the new masters from the old masters.

The allegory is clearly aimed at denouncing the hypocrisies and the failure of the Bolshevik revolution: the ideals of the Old Major, which refers to Lenin, and the sincere revolutionary spirit of Palladineve, which refers to Trotsky, took the cunning of Napoleon, which clearly represents Stalin.
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