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"Saturday" is a novel written by the English author Ian McEwan. The book was published in 2005.
The book is set in London, at dawn on a particular Saturday, in an apocalyptic scenario with the constant terror of possible terrorist attacks and an armed intervention in Iraq, divided between pacifists and warmongers, young protesters and elderly conservatives, in a moment historical marked and distorted by a neo-perception of reality and a daily life now populated by recurrent nightmares.

The city is a megalopolis of the contemporary, sleepless, gray, glacial, crossed by a noiseless silence, crossed and beaten by a huge human snake, while sirens in the distance overlap with loud noises and sudden light trails pierce the sky.
Henry Perowne is a renowned neurosurgeon, a man of science, logic, rationality, accustomed to saving lives, restoring hope, dodging every possible dream or artistic digression on principle.
He lives of an ordinary richness, built on rigid customs, of bourgeois rituals, of a job that requires order, discipline, self-control, respect for codes and protocols.
Overlooking a window inside his own luxurious apartment, he observes the exterior and its events, or presumed ones, scrutinizes itself, and its perceptions, wondering what is the boundary between legal and illicit, real and imaginary, ethical and deontology, affections more dear and life lived, dangers looming or simple fear of losing certainties.
In this reality muffled and cloaked with sacredness and immobility, he is preparing to live 24 hours of ordinary madness in a journey without return, which will redefine the sense of a life, public and private, and its relationship with others and the world.
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