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The call of the wild - Jack London

The call of the wild is a Jack London novel written in 1903. The novel is the theme impressiveness of History, the deviousness of his paths, and the path that passes through the human soul to find (or find) himself.

The protagonist of the novel is Buck, a dog that spends a happy life with her wealthy boss (although, in reality the true protagonist of the novel is the nature).
However, soon his happiness is dashed when a domestic kidnaps him.
From that moment Buck is forced to confront a ruthless struggle for survival.
He discovers to have wolf blood in the veins and feel again "the call of the wild", rediscovering his true, innermost nature.

In this novel the story is represented by a series of characters that impact differently on the mind of the protagonist. History This is the man in the red sweater that soothes the anger of Buck and tames the man command: this character represents metaphorically life in which we find ourselves, without choice.

Survival, as will be seen for the three quarters of the book, it's not obey blindly, is not sottostarvi, but make them their own.

The dog in fact, after his countless adventures where will know the cruelty but also the respect and loyalty, powerful feel the lure of his race and instinct.

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