Video appunto: Lawson, Henry - The drover's wife

Lawson - the drover's wife

The story shows the lonely life in the Australian bush from the point of view of a woman. She lives alone with her four children and their dog Alligator because her husband, a drover/shepherd, has been away for work several months. One day, one of the children, warns her mother about a snake who hides himself under the floor.
They’re all scared. The woman sends her children to the kitchen, which is separated from the house. She decides to stay awaken all night long with Alligator to wait the snake to wait the snake to come out and catch it. During her waiting, she thinks about the events she had to face in the bush throughout the years, such as a fire, a flood and the arrival of a drunken bushman. Her feelings are loneliness, resignation, disappointment and sense of monotony. As a matter of fact, as opposed to her dreams, she lives in a place where there’s nothing to see, nobody to meet, and every day is the same to her. It’s nearly daylight when the snake comes out and Alligator manages to catch and kill it. The eldest boy, Tommy, wakes up and as soon as he notices her mother’s tears, he promises not to ever leave her alone.
The main themes in this short-story are the sense of loneliness, resignation and isolation and the struggle for survival in wilde and dangerous places.