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He was born in 1885.
His father was a miner, he was very beautiful and was also a good dancer: in fact, he attracted a woman of a higher class, Lydia; she was a schoolteacher.
But their happiness didn’t survive: Lawrence’s father became a drinker and his mother tried to preserve her children from what their dad became.
Lawrence studied hard to became a teacher and he studied at the Nottingham University College; he took his degree in 1908.
His first novel was The White Peacock and it was published in 1911.
When his brother Ernest died, he became the centre of his mother’s life.
Their kind-of love story/relationship is told in Sons and Lovers, which is an autobiographical novel, published in 1913.
1910: Lawrence’s mother died.
1912: Lawrence had his first attack of pneumonia.
In the same year, he met a German women, named Frieda and they fell in love.

The two of them married in 1914; World War I obviously put some stress on their German-English marriage.
Lawrence in this period published a lot of works, as The Rainbow, in 1915, and Women in Love, in 1920.
During 1920s he travelled a lot: Italy, Australia, Mexico and the south of France.
He died while he was in France in 1930.
A lot of his novel were banned for their themes; the most famous one which was banned for 40 years, more or less, is Lady Charrerley’s Lover: this work was written in 1928 but it was published only in the 1960s.
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