David Herbert Lawrence
David Herbert Lawrence was born in Eastwood in 1885. His father was a miner, but Lawrence escaped the miner’s destiny through education and physical health. In fact, he studied hard to became a teacher. His first novel is “The White Peacock”. After his brother’s death, Lawrence became the center of his mother’s life. The story of their love is told in the autobiographical novel “Sons and Lovers”. The protagonist, Paul, loved his mother but hated his father. During the World War I, Lawrence was forced to remain in England , where he opposed at war. He spent the 1920s travelling throughout the world: Italy, Australia, Mexico and France, where he died of tuberculosis in 1930.

Sons and Lovers
Sons and Lovers is an autobiographical novel, which tell the relationship between Paul and his mother. Paul is her favorite, and the relationship is so strong that he is unable to relies with other women. After Mrs. Morel death, Paul is torn between the wish to rejoin his mother in death or go on living. The novel is told using a third-person narrator, but all the events are seen through Paul’s eyes.

Family and social context
This relationship is described in a particular context: the advent of the twentieth century. Mr. morel is far from the emotional life of the family due to his lack of education, that makes difficult for him to express his feelings. At the contrary, Mrs. Morel is educated and determined.

Social and romantic bondage
Lawrence believed that industrialized culture was dehumanizing because it excluded humanity from nature. He thought, however, that this culture was in decline and that humanity could be part of nature. Mrs. Morel remained a housewife for life and she was jealous of Miriam, who was able to employ her intellect in more opportunities. Paul can’t imagine abandoning her mother or even marrying anyone else. He often loves and hates at the same time.

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