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Lady Chatterley's Lover

A hard attack on industrialism can be found in Lady Chatterley's Lover, a novel that has gained a reputation for quite different reasons.
The work, in fact, is usually considered above all as a celebration of physical love . In part it is, since it revolves around the love of Connie Chatterley, the young wife of an invalid husband, for her gamekeeper Mellor. In him she fins a complete man and perfect lover; he shows her how sex with love may produce a kind of self-revelation, or illumination. Yet there is more than that in the book. It in fact contains some of the severest attacks on the consequences of industrialization (envisaged on the town of Tevershall) and on sterile modern society.
Opposed to the sterility of industrialized towns there is the wood , where the lovers' meetings take place. The wood plays a very important role in the novel, not only an accompaniment to Connie's sexual awakening, but as one of the major symbols of the work. With the beauty and vital powers of its trees, it in fact indirectly denounces the ugliness and revitalization of the industrial world around it, so that the novel , although mainly focused on a love affair, "continually and crudely contrasts brutal mechanical civilization and organic nature".
One of the examples in this sense is provided by the moment when Connie drives through Tevershall, a small town on the Midlands, this provokes a powerful tirade against industrial England.
In 1960 Penguin Books published the first unexpurgated edition of Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover. The publication caused many controversial reactions as old Victorian morality still considered the showing off of sex as something to be condemned. But many years had passed from the first decades of the century , when the novel had been written (1929) .
Now after World War II, a new vision of life superseded the old moral rules, and gave freedom of expression to many aspects of life.
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