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James Joyce, vita e poetica


James Joyce was born in Dublin and although he had always tried to deny his origins, he had always been tied to his home country, whose questions represented a recurring theme in his works. He grew up while Ireland was fighting to gain its independence, in fact the death of the leader Parnell inspired his first poem, which was about betrayal.
After graduating he left Ireland in a voluntary exile and came back just in occasion of his mother's death. He moved several times in different european cities, first in Paris, until he settled in Trieste where he became friends with Italo Svevo and encouraged him to write. He then moved to Zurich, where he gave life to his mature production.


The main themes in James Joyce's production are mainly related to Ireland: Catholicism, which he considered the cause of Ireland's backwardness, and the fight against the United Kingdom.
Moreover, although he had cut off with Ireland, all his stories are set in Dublin, which becomes the protagonist just like London in Charles Dickens's novels.
James Joyce is the most important author employing the stream of consciousness technique: along with Virginia Woolf, he means to show how thoughts flow in our minds.

Major works

    A portrait of the artist as a young man
    Finnegans Wake
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