Joyce’s novels open in media res and the character is based on introspection. He used Impersonality to make life objectively. Joyce in his style underlines the exploration of the characters ‘impressions, the free direct speech and the interior monologue.


It is the first English psychological novel (or stream of consciousness novel).
In it we can find sensation, emotion without story; it takes what happens during routine life. All the story is based on a single day.
The central character, Leopold Bloom, is a common man, a parody of the wandering Odysseus. He leaves his home at eight o’clock on a Thursday morning in June to buy his breakfast and return finally a two o’clock the following morning.
In these hours he lands on many streets, endures misadventures and delight, recalls the unfaithfulness of his wife and the death of his little son.
Leopold Bloom is an antihero with sense of inability, passivity.

Narrative technique :
- Destroys traditional syntax; it’s all summer to interior monologue
- Violation of traditional rule
- There are words coming from other languages
In the most experimental part, souch as concluding part, he let the flow of the mind free abolishing puntuaction, because working of the mind is continuous.
The narrative techniques used in the work are the stream of consciousness, the cinematic technique, questions and answer and dramatic dialogue. In Ulysses he brought to perfection the interior monologue.

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