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Thomas Eliot

Life , Work and Objective Relative
Thomas Stearns Eliot is born in St. Louis (America) and he was a poet, critic and an editor.In 1948 he won the Nobel Prize for Literature.Eliot thinks that poetry should refletc the complexities of modern civilization and has to unify the broken world of his time.
Eliot's most important work is "The Waste Land" ; in this work he expresses the post-war depression, lack of values and futility.The Waste Land alludes to the position between the sterility of the modern world and the fertility of the past and is it also innovative in its use of language because it mixes rhetorical and colloquial languages.Eliot uses free verses, and we have a lot of references about sanskript and commercial english.

"The Waste Land" – The Setting
The following work rapresents the decadence and sterylity of the society dominated
by the money. Tiresias is the supreme rapresentation of metamorphosys . Eliot chooses this character because Tiresias possesses the knlowledge of both sex and so he is qualified to rapresent the human experience. Tiresias also rapresents past, present and future because he came from the past, he is a deponent of the present and he is able to fortell the future. This work rapresents also the emptiness of feelings. The main themes of this work are also : alienation, present vs past,the lack of faith, the pain of be alive and the inferiority of the present compared to the superiority of the past.

Objective Correlate

With this term Eliot wants to convey a particular feeling through a chain of events and situations.