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James Joyce

• He is Irish unlike Yeats because adopted an attitude disillusioned detachment from Irish politics.
• The man described by Joyce's immobile, inept.
• The father claimed Parnell and when he left power has become an alcoholic.
• He flees from Ireland
• He feels suffocated in Ireland but all his works are set in the homeland
• Create a new language: use invented words and punctuation is used incorrectly
• He works in Trieste
• Interior monologue: in the third person and the narrator tells the thoughts of the character
• Stream of consciousness: monologue to the extreme, is how the character thinks.
• Epiphany: sudden revelation and it can be spontaneous or stimulated by something
• Dubliners are inept people, absolutely gray, like the streets of Dublin and the language that speaks to them, and to the tradition of the real story, symbolically describes his detachment from it.

The Dead
• Written in the realistic period but Joyce uses much internal monologue.
• Indirect interior monologue
• The character tells his thoughts across the narrator.
• Presence of the epiphany
• Fundamental themes: paralysis of the individual and society ', inadequacy, death. The themes and symbols lead to the epiphany of Gabriel at the end of the story.
• A major theme is death in fact the work ends with the word "dead". This sense of death is represented by the snow.
• At the end of the work we find the alliteration of the letters L and S. In addition, the words faintly falling ... falling faintly reproduce almost onomatopoeically the rustle of snow

The main characters are Gabriel and Greta who go to the Christmas party at the house of the aunts. During the party a song is played on the piano and Greta became immediately sad (Greta epiphany). Going back to the hotel he speaks and she is lost at this point reveals to her husband that the song had reminded Michael Furey, the boyfriend who died for her.
Here the epiphany of Gabriel ... that realizes not know his wife, not knowing her past. The final part is a long epiphany Gabriel while his wife sleeps.

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