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"Corpus Christi" by Bret Anthony Johnston: critical review
"Corpus Christi" is a collection of short stories. It was written by the American author Bret Anthony Johnston. This book is the debut of the author and it was published in 2004.
The book consists of ten stories. The stories are all set in Corpus Christi, a city located in Texas, that is a hot area subject to storms and hurricanes.
These ten stories, just like hurricanes, sweep away, excite, move, hit at the point where it hurts the most.
These stories mark the beginning of an endless pain but I am also able to get closer.
The hurricane illness, which brings with it physical pain, fear of dying and the desire to have someone next door, maybe a son, who, even while lying, tells you "There is nothing to fear, do not worry, I am here I".
Loss is everywhere in the pages, you breathe it in every story, it's like dust. It is primarily a matter of physical loss, but sometimes physical loss turns into a loss of contact with reality, when lack and absence become unbearable enough to lead to madness.

There is so much pain but there is no despair: in every story we can find a gesture, a phrase, even a single word, that is capable of giving a little light of hope.
In fact, people (all kind of people) do everything to stay on their feet, even if they have no footing.
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