Video appunto: McCarthy, Cormac - Suttree


"Suttree" is a novel written by the author Cormac McCarthy. The book was published in 1979.
This book tells the life of a desolate small American town, sad, dirty, shabby, it looks like a goldsmith of the world, crossed by an unhealthy river on which the protagonist is a fisherman.
The characters who inhabit this town are worthy of so much inadequacy, emaciated and disillusioned men, drunkards, violent, crazy, who drag themselves from one place to another, each with their own burden of disillusionment and anger, as if living were a sentence to be served.
with no chance of escape.

The Tennessee River is the symbol of life that flows and goes on, slowly, among the leftovers of the world, which feeds you but claims its toll of blood, all in spite of the individual lives of the characters for whom it seems that nothing ever changes. .
The protagonist himself is a man who has chosen to exile in this place and lives for the day, participating in the little big tragedies that surround him but in a disenchanted way as if he were aware of not having the cards to change the course of the "game".
The author's style is made up of wise descriptive digressions that at first glance could make an impatient and more action-oriented reader resent, but what needs to be highlighted is precisely the strength of these descriptions to activate the receptors of all the sensory spheres of the reader.