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Jane Austen

Jane Austen was born in Hampshire and spent her life surrounded by her family. She was educated at home by her father, and showed very soon an interest for literature and writing. She wrote:
1. Sense and Sensibiliy (Ragione e Sentimento) (1811)
2. Pride and Prejudice (Orgoglio e Pregiudizio) (1813).
3. Northanger Abbey (1798).
4. Mansfield Park (1814);
5. Emma (1816);
6. Persuasion (1818)
She died in Winchester in 1817 and was buried in winchester Cathedral. Her novels were published anonymously; her identity was revealed by her brother.

Jane’s style has to thank 18th century authors, because from them she learnt the deep analysis of the characters’ psychology and the complexity of the ordinary events of life. She uses the technique of the omniscient narrator and she brought her character into life using dialogues. She uses verbal and situational irony, and limited her view of the world to countrymen.

Austen didn’t care about passions but about characters even though she talked about theories about love, and wedding, in fact in her novel we can always find a happy ending. Her treatment of love, and of sexual attraction agrees with the opinion that says that strong impulses and emotional conditions had to be regulated, controlled and put in order by a private reflection. Heroine’s reflection after a crisis or a climax is a usual characteristic of her novels because understanding and accepting her feelings let her personal judge establish, and assure her a moral autonomy.

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