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Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution took place in Britain because of certain conditions : Britain had raw materials (coal, forests) and internal waterways in addition there was the invention of new technologies such as news team powered machines, power loom, spinning jenny. So factories, cotton mils, potteries, ironwork where opened all over the country.
Many people moved from the countryside to work to big industrialized cities such as London, Liverpool, Manchester. Britain was the most powerful nation in the world in this period, but in had also a lot of social problems. There was a big gap between rich and poor people, because the condition of the working class was miserable. Some critics defined this period “a paradise for the rich, a purgatory for the well-to-do, a hell for the poor”. Workers lived badly; the worked for about 12 hours a day (men, women, children). Gin was sold at very low prices and prostitution was spread. These people lived in slums (quarters that can be compared to modern favelas) in terrible conditions.
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