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"How to Be Good" - Nick Hornby

"How to Be Good" was written by Nick Hornby and it was published in 2001.
The protagonists are the two spouses Katie Carr and her husband David. Katie and David are diametrically opposed: Katie is a faithful companion, an affectionate mother and a generous doctor who carries out her own goodness; Instead, David is perpetually moody.
But the situation is overturned: Katie betrays her husband, while David tries to become good after a happier encounter with a healer.
The couple's crisis described in the book is certainly one of the driving motives, but closely linked to what Hornby is presented as a social problem.
The novel is, in fact, a criticism of the goodwill and the hypocrisy of a society full of sentences made.
David actually gets good: he gives children's toys to poor children, promotes the adoption of disadvantaged youth in the neighborhood, brings Christmas lunch to the bums in the streets.
Consequently, his wife is forced to look at reality: it is not enough to carry out a socially useful profession to be able to define a person for good. True generosity requires other principles and other features that cannot be hidden behind a façade, behind a mask or a social role.
Love for the neighbour is something innate, it is not bought at the supermarket and it can become overwhelming if it does not find - around it - the fertile ground to be able to penetrate into the heart of people.
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