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Careers in Home Management, Family living and Child Development

There are various careers achievable for those that study Home management, family living and child development
1) Interior decoration and designing: people in this area plan and decorate interior of homes, hotels, hospitals, offices, etc.

2) Institutional Housekeeping: this involves working in schools, hostels, hospitals and other institution as house-keepers.

3) Advertising and Promoting: people in this area work as promoters in industries that manufacture household equipment, furniture, health and grooming products, food textiles etc. They tell people about new products and convince them to buy.

4) Baby-sitting: a baby sitter can be employed by parents to care for their children in their absence.

5) Child care: people in this area work in childcare centres, where parents bring their children for care while they are busy.

6) Social welfare work: people in this career provide help to troubled individuals and families.

7) Teaching: teachers in this area teach home management, family living and child development.

8) Researchers: researchers here, work on problems to home management, family living and child developmenti

Other careers include:
a. Home-making: the home-maker manages the home and maintain a satisfying setting for family living.

b. Home Economic Extension: Extension agents run out-of-school-educational programmes for men and women. Their programmes include foods, nutrition, child care, home management, clothing and textiles etc.

c. Journalism: Home economists can work for newspapers, journals, magazines, television and radio. They are often in-charge of food, clothing, consumer education and other related areas.
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