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Home Economics

Home Economics is a field of study. Its teaches us how to manage ourselves and our household. It therefore deals with the management of material things in the family for example money, food, clothing, housing. It also deals with the management of human beings.

Meaning of home economics Home Economics can be explained in different ways.
It is a field that is concerned with improving family life. It does this by:
- preparing people for family leaving,
- finding out the needs of individuals and families,
- finding ways of meeting these needs
- providing the goods and services which families use for example food, clothing, housing, water.

importance of home economics
Home economics aims to improving family life. And the family is very important in every nation. This fast makes Home Economics a very important subject.

Home economics is important because:
- it teaches people how to live in a good, healthy and happy life and the family, community, nation in the world.
- It prepares boys and girls for homemaking and the jobs that require Home Economics knowledge and skills.
- it teaches people how to care for themselves.
- it teaches people how to care for their homes.
- it teaches family members how to get along very well with one another in the family and society.
- it teaches people how to spend their money wisely.
- It teaches people how to plan, cook, serve and eat good food.
- it teaches people how to plan, choose, make, wear and maintain good clothing.
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