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William Golding

He was born in Cornwall, he was a teacher and theatre writer during the Second World War. He was in the English Royal Navy in 1953. He received the Nobel Prize and died in 1993

* Works: The Spire, The lord of the flies, The Paper Man

* Main themes: he explorer the human nature through the creation of imaginative situation.

The idea that the essence of man is evil. Everything man produces is malign.
The contrast between the civilised nature of man and his bestial and primitive instincts which man discovers in certain situation. He is not aware of it.
Symbols and allegories. Old myths presented with a new force.
* Narration: The story is told through the different point of view.

The Lord of the Flies

* The story: a group of boys during the War after a plain crash find them selves in a desert island. They try to survive by creating an organized society but they don’t respect the rules. Their lives become a chaos and they become savages.

* Features: apparently it seems an adventure novel but in reality it is an up-side-down traditional novel. It’s a criticism against the “Coral Island” of Ballantyne, an adventure novel for children, exalting the English civilisation. The characters of “Lord of the flies” are the same of those of “Coral Island”, the situation is the same, but the result is different. In fact in Golding’s novel has no optimistic view and the characters are not heroes, but savages and they embody evil. In the end they’re rescued but they return to adult’s world which is devilish like their one.

* The extract: in this passage it is presented the final situation, after the murdering of two boys of the group. Ralph sets the island on fire and another of a ship sees the smoke, he thinks that one is asking for help and goes with a cutter on the island. There he meets the group of boys. The first part is a description of the physical aspect of the officer in contrast with the bad look of the boys. Ralph is in fear because for the first time he’s aware of what had happened. The point of view of the officer is the one of “English man” convinced of the superiority of English civilisation, so he believes that the boys are playing a game.
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