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"The wild palms" is a novel that was written by the American author William Faulkner, which was published in 1939.
This novel is composed of two stories, which run parallel without ever touching each other:
- The flood of the Mississippi, a prisoner destined for destiny and only the will of a man who knows nothing but prison. The story of a struggle against the force of nature is the river or the spirit of freedom, the true and probable story of a man who is in prison for naivete and then escaped by the same guilt.
- New Orleans years later, the desperate flight to the conclusion of an equally desperate love touched only occasionally by happiness. A love that is born at the wrong time, the result of a guilt whose weight will never be able to free itself despite the distances, jobs, friends and loneliness. A man who can not learn to love and a woman who loves too much, without the possibility of escape. A couple who seeks survival away from everyday life and who will be a guilty victim of everyday life. A love that will survive death and death will be cause.

These are the two stories that Faulkner recounts with his broad periods and a prose that does not allow respite to the imagination. Two completely irreconcilable stories that survive on the same pages with a harmony as imperceptible as it is indissoluble so that one can not choose one or the other, but the need of both is felt to understand the profound meaning of a work that stealthily enters the heart and there it settles like a rock.
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