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"The Sound and the Fury" is a novel that was written in 1929 by the American author William Faulkner.
The author uses the stream of consciousness: the narration goes on between the often disconnected and interrupted thoughts of the characters.
The protagonist of the novel is the Compson family. The Compson family is a very controversial family and overwhelmed by adversity, a father who lets himself go to alcohol, a crazy and apprehensive mother, four children, one of whom is insane from birth and of the servants of color among which the charismatic domestic Dilsey stands out. .
In the novel, this family is progressively dragged into darkness by its own components, which Faulkner will have us scrutinize in the depths. There are realities that become corrupt, no matter how great and glorious they may have been, there has not been so strong a pass to resist the corruption of the present. Realities that lacerate and become something contaminated and unsalvable, within which we can only infect. The only salvation from the fall has someone who, however painfully, gets out of that reality in order not to participate in his miserable end. Even in the mud can hide a diamond, but lost in the dirt this will have no value and will have to pull out to not be lost forever. But you have to look in the face of reality and accept that not all the piles of mud hide a diamond, indeed.

Hard to say if there is any of the Compson who has pulled himself out of ruin, the fact is that Benjamin, the son born "idiot", retains a purity that people who are considered better than him have irretrievably lost.
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